Google Made A Mistake – Pakistani Currency Breakdown over night



LAST UPDATES ON 16 January2019, there was a night at 1:35 A.M in which most of people got shocking news about the currency breakdown only with in 1 minutes and with only 1 wrong number. A News was launched by google currency of the Pakistan fall from $1 = 139 .00 to $76.25. This was a mistake made by google and all the social media and News channels made a theme of Currency changed weather. Screen shots has been taken and was all over the social media and engage with a google mistake as everyone was posting their Screen Shots at their Status and I believe that this was the shocking news for everyone that half of the amount fell down with in just 1 minute as search shows that 67% people was check the currency rate 2 minutes before and suddenly google release a shocking news about break down in the Pakistan Currency.


Here is the proof takes by Audience at 1:35 A.M 16thJanuary, 2019:



Pakistani Currency Breakdown over night
Pakistani Currency Breakdown over night


As you can clearly see that this was really a big mistake by Google and that is obvious, at the backend of the Google, there are human working and this was an human error as mistakes really does exist in the world and a team by google just made a mistake. This is obvious that people got shocked with this news but later on google released an notice that this is the price which was shown by an human/system error please ignore this and wait for the updated price.

Prices was shown on the Google Search Engine


USD 1 = PKR76.25

GBP 1 = PKR98.90

KW 1 = PKR251.00

MYR 1 = PKR20.00


These updates prices were on the system for at least 30 minutes and in the meanwhile, people started calling to the news channels or stock broker to confirm that “Is this Breakdown in PKR Currency correct or just a roamer” and they got confirmation form the news channel team members that that was just by mistaken by google search engine and it will updated in some time.

People chart chatting that google might got hacked and system now has been collapsed by hacker and now it turned in a bad mood. But that was just a Roamer, later on Google updated the price and is shown in the picture below;


Pakistani Currency Breakdown over night

Later on, Google updated the price and which was correct with USD 1 = 140.14

There is one more picture attached below showing the currency exchange between United Kingdom & Pakistan

Pakistani Currency Breakdown over night
Pakistani Currency Breakdown over night


People start thinking that a Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan has made that much power which gives a great break down in Pakistan’s currency. That is obvious if a currency falls down, a country is getting stronger, But later on Google has just fixed it and now it is back to normal.



Stay tuned for more updates.

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