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Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online Shopping is now becoming trend in Pakistan as it is fast Checkout process who does not want to go out for shopping. Now can easily Shop online while sitting at home and the best part is they can first see the pictures of the product and there is a description given as well.

Our main focus in this article is How Someone can do Online Shopping while paying with their debit card or Credit Cards. As Internet World is somehow not secure for online payments, there are so many hackers sitting how can get access to your Laptop – Internet – Browsers, while sitting somewhere else.

There are some tips for those who like the most shop out at Online Stores or websites.

Please Follow these steps before you pay to any site;

  • If you are obsessed about Brand Cloths and you love to do Online Please, Make Sure: ‘Does this Brand really exists. Please Google it about specific brand and get       some information. “
  • Check your specific brand really have a website for Online Shopping or Not.
  • Do not connect your device to external WIFI while shopping or paying Online.
  • Check is your specific brand’s website is secure or got an Explanation mark in the address bar with www. Or next to www.
  • Please If you get all the answers in a positive way then the last step is please read their Terms & Conditions with Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy is the most important part to read they everyone should know what are their Terms and Conditions and role they are playing in Privacy Policy for the Data Protection. If They have written that “We do not Share your Personal Details like Email – Contact Number – Payment Details”, then go ahead and shop with free mind. But in any case, if you do not find anything like “Email – Contact Number – Payment Details” , Be aware and check about all the information they have given on their website.


These frauds are happening in this real Online World and we should be careful about all these hacking tact’s and then shop with secure and fast Online Shopping Platforms.


These all the main part before shop Online, Please do not ignore as we all want to protect our Personal details from hackers. If they got our personal details then they can use those personal information in a wrong way.


There are some Recommended Online Shopping Platforms in Pakistan where you can Buy with full Confidence.

Please Note: These are not based on Ranking on Google. we have just Recommended you.


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