Online Shopping in Pakistan -

Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan Best Reviews

Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online Shopping in Pakistan -

Online Shopping in Pakistan is now becoming trend day-by-day. We know that it’s a new way to shop in Pakistan but it is increasing slowly and getting popularity because of Fast & Free Home Delivery. This is the best solution for those who do not have time to go shop as they are busy in their routine work, it saves time as well. There is a lot of Variety category of the products, like Fashion Accessories – Home Décor – Clothing – Jewelry – Mobile Laptops – All Home Electronics – Shoe – Cosmetics – Handbags. It gives an ease to shop in many way like – You can get your product delivered at your place with in 2-3 days (For most) only with One-Button to go. Just press Go To Checkout and Select the payment option and just wait for the product.

There are several Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan who operates with their best service and have great product.

We are going to mention some of them which are trustable & reliable to shop with. Please make sure these are not according to the ranking system. We have just placed them accordingly to the requirements.

Online Shopping in Pakistan - - is one of the most useable site for shopping in Pakistan. They operate in different countries as well. They have a variety of product with different sellers. Anyone can Buy & Sell their products from anywhere they want. As per reviews online, they have not that much good products at their platform but they have all product which we desired in our daily routine.

For Seller – They want sellers to register a company in Pakistan (Private Limited Company) and then you can sell with them. You need to open an account with them & they will review with-in a day or 2. They take percentage as a commission from every seller they sell product at there are different types of percentages on different category’s, which means it all depends on the product category seller choose to sell in. like if someone is selling Mobile or Laptops – They charge 15% Commission – If someone is selling in Clothing category – They charge 30% most of their sellers. It’s like how much they can hunt a prey. In my point of view they should maintain the same commission rate from everyone.


This is my personal based experience, I have ordered so many times from, and 3 times they rip me off like I have ordered Mobile Data Cable Charging wire – When I opened a package which was delivered from, the receipt was of data Cable Charging wire, but I found a Sharpener with a bubble from inside the package. is a great brand name in Pakistan for Online Shopping, they should at least check what they are sending to customer. But they are ruining their name, this is my personal experience.



Online Shopping in Pakistan - -

JinnieWorld – Pakistan’s Biggest Online Shopping Platform/Website founded by Syed Johar Raza in 2018 Lahore, Pakistan – where you can Buy & Sell Products anything from anywhere. They have many products at their Platform. Like Fashion Accessories – Home Décor – Clothing – Jewellery – Mobile Laptops – All Home Electronics – Shoe – Cosmetics – Handbags. This is a New Brand in the market and they are increasing their daily visitors. They have got a product which we need in a daily routine life. They got a positive response from customers as we can see the reviews under products. They promise that what you have seen – you will get the same product if in any case you don’t get the same product – JinnieWorld Team-Support is there 24/7 to help their customers via call or WhatsApp support

For Seller – You need to create a Seller Account with JinnieWorld and Fill out the details they ask for, like – You First name – Last Name – Phone Number – Email Address – Shop Name – Shop URL (which will be generated on your shop name). The main part is, you do not need a registered company to work with JinnieWorld. On the other hand, if you investigate Commission rates, they are the cheapest in the market compare to other platforms at the moment (we don’t know the future) AHH! They are charging only 4% Commission rates to all sellers when a product has been sold out, whether seller has a Clothing category or Electronics. JinnieWorld is Charging only 4% Commission which I believe that a massive breakout in the market as they are working on Blue Ocean Strategy.

“Make the competition irrelevant. Create and capture new demand.
Break the value-cost trade-off.”

As I have mentioned in the above lines that I have ordered from and got a negative response then I have changed my Online Shopping Platform from to JinnieWorld and got a great response and things are getting delivered in 1-2 Maximum Working days. I love Shopping. Do you? then I recommend you to Sign up with JinnieWorld where you can get a piece of mind.

Check your their website here

Online Shopping in Pakistan - -

Yayvo is also an Online Shopping portal which was launched by TCS in 2012, and they have published their first promotion campaign to promote their platform and introducing themselves as an Online Shopping Platform in Pakistan.

Yayvo is a chain by TCS and operating by them in a very good manner. As we all know the TCS as it is a largest logistics companies of Pakistan with 700 centers, they are operating with 4000 drivers and warehouse all over the major cities in Pakistan.

I am not sure about their service how Yayvo are operating in Pakistan but as I have looked in to their website, we have made a classic site and very attractive to get more attention from customers. I recommend you to look it by yourself. I never used their service but if I get any negative response from, I might migrate to

Please note there a lot of platforms operating in Pakistan, I always suggest that it all depends on you how you use it or how you want and for what purpose.

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