PayPal Refused To Come Pakistan

Mr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Federal Minister of IT & Telecommunication disclose that PayPal has refused to come Pakistan due to problems at their backend.

Pakistan Government is still trying to contact PayPal and convincing for an alternative. 

“Internal Issues of PayPal were the reason behind this refusal for not coming to Pakistan. The reason is Security & anti-money laundering which is bound by laws and have been tightened so there is no issue from Pakistan” – said Secretary IT Maroof Afzal

“PayPal is not Coming to Pakistan because they don’t have a legal documents or lack of legal backings documents” – said Senator Mohammad Ateeq Sheikh




Senator Mohammad Ateeq Sheikh said that the company is not coming to Pakistan due to lack of legal backing.

PayPal is everywhere in the world, and a Pakistani Director who is working with PayPal wants to come Pakistan however money laundering system in Pakistan making PayPal not to come Pakistan & PayPal refused to come Pakistan in any way.

The committee said that due to lack of online money transfer, Pakistan is losing a huge foreign exchange service.

If PayPal will come into Pakistan, It will be easy for all Pakistani Freelancer’s and other Online Payments which can come in or out.

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