Samsung Galaxy S10 -

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 -

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus Release Date


Here we are to give you an information about Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus by Samsung which is launching in February 2019, We have seen before that all other phones are 4G supportable but we will see a new design by Samsung which is 5G supportable.

The new thing in S10, which is 6 camera with 2 front camera (named as face Camera) & four at

the back (Called as rare camera). All These three models having a in-display fingerprint sensor

in a New Long & Big Screen. There will be a New UI Chipboard which is named as Samsung OneUI, which operates on a large screen much easier and smoother.

What is the Exact date of Galaxy S10 Launching out?

As always, Samsung never be at the back when it’s about launching their new Gadgets as per their tradition, they will launch their S10 Samsung Galaxy in February and it will be out before 1 day when they publish their launching date officially. The exact date of launching Samsung Galaxy S10 is February 24, 2019, Please keep it in youe mind to preorder as it will BOOM in the market as soon as it launch. As per new design with new features, 5G version will be roll out in Spring 2019.

The best part is Galaxy S10 Plus has been just certified in Russia by the authority and in the certificate there is nothing but said

“ The Phone is About to Come”

What is the price of Galaxy S10 in the Market?

This is definitely confirms that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be higher than S9 and it will be start from $779 and Galaxy S10 Plus will be $869

In UK:  The price will be £739 to £799


Size of the product will be 5.8inc, 6.2inc and 6.44inc in all designs of 5G version.


Is There any New Design in Galaxy S10 ?

As per discussion, it is confirm that there is a new design launching in February 2019, by Samsung. They have implemented a new FingerPrint Sensor in the large massive screen of Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10 Plus. They have featured with 6 Camera’s – Two will in in front & Four will be at the back.


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