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Samsung Galaxy Watch Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Watch Reviews

Ignore all the problems at one side, If we have a look into the products of Samsung, It really gives us a Luxurious thing, I have seen ever. The Gears by Samsung was really something but in actual, they are awesome products to have a look or we can wear it. They are really solid devices Gears like S2 or S3, which comes with an awesome design with a simple, easy interface & rotating tools. In 2018, event, which was performed in Brooklyn, New York. Brand Samsung launched of their Latest Smart Watch which names as Samsung Galaxy Watch which gives you a promise to show you about your health status with a great life.

Let’s have a look into Samsung Products, what they have got in the market. If you went out for the products of Samsung or something like Smartwatches, we are here to give you a proper detail about the products they have latest in the market.

Let’s go through with the specifications & prices of Samsung products.


Samsung Galaxy Watches -

As we know about there are so many smart watches in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Watch  is available in the market with it’s different shapes and models. There are 2 types of dimention of the Samsung Galaxy watches , which are 42mm and the other is 46mm, and I believe that it is a great invention for those who sometimes think about other smart watches, takes a large part of their wrist or feels like it is too big or heavy to wear on. We think like to give a review then, we can say Samsung Galaxy watches are smart, comfortable and with light weight.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Review is similar to the older models which they launched in previous years, but I believe that, I some points, they have made a big changes while designing, like before it was a normal and ordinary face shape which resembles with the watches that are not a smart watches. Comparatively, to Apple Watch Series – We believe that it has a square face which is better or not, that is decidable later but they have made an ordinary watch as well.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Review tells you about the specification about the watch which  calculates the heartbeat of a person who wears in the wrist. There is a sensor at the back of the watch which calculate the heart rate every single moment, & you can check your heartbeat whenever you want. I believe this system is the best tracking software ever.

Brand Samsung has taken everything serious while designing their product. They have investigated everything to be durable. Samsung Galaxy watch has a feature of 5ATM water resistance which means it’s a perfect product for those who knows swimming (165 Feet in water).

They have designed Samsung Galaxy Watch in a different color which really attracts to my heart. Silver which comes with 46mm model, & rose gold or eight midnight black for 42mm model. and either midnight black or rose gold for the 42mm model.


Samsung Galaxy Watches -

There were some rumors that Samsung is switching itself to Google’s Wear OS for upcoming Samsung Galaxy watch, as I said, it was a rumor. Samsung Brand Focuses on fitness track system which is awesome, shows heart rate on the watch, when your heartbeats gets over, will give you pop up for exercise to take your stress out. 39 workouts with 6 of the most common workouts automatically tracked out. The best part is, all the data will directly go to Samsung Health App.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch device has a feature unnamed as dual-core 1.15GHz processor which build only for Samsung Gears. The main Part for this gear is Battery which plays an important part and this software consumes less energy as much as it can be.  There are some with 270mAh & other comes with 472mAh, it really depends on how much you can spend on. It gives you more than 4 days life with its only 1-time charge.

It has a built-in memory of 4GB as we do not have to store the big files in it, so it is fine as built-in in the smart watches. Couples comes with 1.5GB RAM in LTE version.

here is the end of Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

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