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Syed Johar Raza CEO JinnieWorld

Syed Johar Raza CEO JinnieWorld Online Shopping Platform in Pakistan


JinnieWorld is an Online Shopping Platform in Pakistan where anyone can Buy & Sell Products from anywhere in the Pakistan. Their aim is to improve the customers experience with the best service to Buy Online.

JinnieWorld is a multi-seller platform where anyone can Register as a Seller and start selling his/her products with free of cost.

Syed Johar Raza, Co-founder of JinnieWorld introduce his dream so people can Buy Product with full peace of mind.  

Why he choose Online Shopping Industry?

Syed Johar Raza CEO JinnieWorld, Born in Lahore, Pakistan. 3rd of August is his day. He is just 26-years-old. He went to UK for his further studies in 2012. He has done is BABS from London School of Commerce in 2017 and he returned back to Pakistan so he can run his business and give full comfort to all Pakistani’s and make their experience even more better.



The question is why he choose this industry? Well, In the interview

I want every single Pakistani should get the best experience while shopping online”: said Syed Johar Raza. There was something missing and there was a space in the market which I want to cover with my full efforts and let people buy Online product with full peace of mind.


He started his business in 2017 in the end while we were in UK, then he moved to Pakistan with his business plan.


According to his moves in the market “Syed Johar Raza” mission is to reach out customers with his best efforts and new ideas so people can have a peace of mind to shop online. Delivers the same product as shown in the picture.



JinnieWorld is located in Model Town Lahore, Pakistan from where they are handling all customer’s orders and queries.

How Many People Are Working

It is not yet confirmed that how many people are working under JinnieWorld but confirms that they have a team as they are dealing with customers over the phone and via WhatsApp as well.


Is There Any Investor

I believe that this type of business in the market should have more than 2 3 investors. According to our study, JinnieWorld is solely running and invested by “Syed Johar Raza”. At the moment, he invested more than 4-Million(PKR) and planning to invest more on website to make user experience even better.   


This information is collected from the Internet sources and can confirm there has not got any changes in it.


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