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What is JinnieWorld?


JinnieWorld is an Online Shopping Platform in Pakistan where anyone can Buy & Sell Products the the different range of Prices. Sellers can Create their seller account and they can start selling their own products at JinnieWorld.  JinnieWorld only takes 4% Commission from sellers at the moment, but we don’t know what will be happen in the future. 

 What is JinnieWorld, How it become in an Online Industry?

Founder of JinnieWorld, Syed Johar Raza studied from London, United Kingdom, His major was Business Studies, but in actual, how Jinnie World comes into market. A Founder of Jinnieworld, Syed Johar Raza, he was planning to enter into the industry from a long time but he was not having that much resources and he was not financially strong enough, but later on, he made his journey and started a new Business in Pakistan with name “JInnieWorld

 Background of Syed Johar Raza founder of “Jinnie World" 

He is at the age of 26 and his date of birth is 03/08/1993 as he is Leo with full of passion but when he started Jinnie World, he was at 24 and a half. he is on the number 3rd in family. He studies BABS from London School of Commerce in 2017 and then came back to Pakistan to start this business – JinnieWorld. Later on, in 2018 he got married. His wife name is Ujala Johar. her age is probably about 23 & she has done Masters in English Literature from BZU Lahore. 

He done is Intermidiated from Forman Christain Collage (FCC) lahore, and then he moved to United Kingdom to finish his further studies.

In Pakistan, There was not any proper platform before in 2012 to Buy or Sell Products Online and he (Syed Johar Raza) was planning to make a platform for users where anyone can Buy & Sell Products with different variety of products. But the issue was that he was not well off that much to give a start up to his dreamworld at that time. in the meanwhile, daraz jumped into the market and gain alot of customers, but the main thing is, he is still there and working on his dream with his best.

Is JinnieWorld Different from Other Platforms?

It is true that i have heared, Jinnie World is now coming with some new features which is the demandof the market and the user’s. it is still suspense but their team is working to something. They have changed their website style so many times to stand-by in the market. I am still for the news from JinnieWorld that what they have made something different from other Online Shopping Platforms.


JinnieWorld has now launched New-feature in the website for the first time in Pakistan on the Biggest Platform which is “Auction"  where customers can send offers to sellers with in the given time. Seller will post its product in auction where he/she will let customers to BID on his/her item with in the given time. Now its time to enjoy this feature by JinnieWorld where anyone can get their favourite product with in the best price (if in any case it is available in auction section). Customer can Buy it Now the auction product as well if he/she doesn’t want to be in the waiting list, Just click on Buy It Now and make the product yours. For more information, you can visit their Help Center

Auction at JinnieWorld -

Sponsored By JinnieWorld 

JinnieWorld is now sponsoring one of the latest Business jumped into the market named as “Al-Hadi Decors“. You can visit their Facebook page here:

Jinnie World’s Logo:

They have registered one of the famous character all over the world “Jinnie" a character by Disney & used in Aladin Movie. They have registered this as a trademark all over the Pakistan. I have heard this that they are planning something big to move out other countries. Wish them a good-luck


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